About Helsinki Heroes

A word from the editor

Hi, there! I’m Gustavo Sanchez, editor of the magazine. More than twenty years ago I arrived in Finland and right away fell in love with this quietly amazing country and the people who built it. Honesty, humility, hard work are for me heroic; and since Finns don’t like to brag about their achievements, I have made it my job to track down unsung heroes and to award them with recognition and validation.

Heroism can be shown by rescuing a scared cat from a tall branch. But it can also mean being bold enough to transform a hobby into a professional trade. Or to break the record of distance swimming under the ice. Or to establish an independent company that’s healthy and profitable. People displaying such “common” acts of heroism inspire us with their courage and their passion!

These stories reflect my varied interests: visual arts, design, innovation, history, music, food, and more, always approached from a humanistic, social perspective. I can be emailed with ideas and suggestions to editor at the domain helsinkiheroes.com. Thanks for visiting! – gus