Art & Culture

Cecil Hagelstam

How to build a solid reputation

Pauliina Laitinen

The art of being genuine

Javier Parisi

Living tribute to John Lennon

Helsinki Yesterday & Today

What did Helsinki look like?

Haddadin Design

Vintage furniture, an open path


Blade runner

Kirpilä Art Collection

Artworks, my children

Rohje Watches

Time to be brave

Malmi Vice

Urban Malmi-propisms


On-stage release


Handwoven Finnish design rugs


The Lightroom revolution

Flora of Finland

Nature is the new black

Marc Aulén

Rocker, writer, rebel, chef


What are super-foods, and do we need them?

The Karhu Store

Helping Finns fly since 1916

Art & The Modern Form

Alvar Aalto, architect, designer, artist

Rebellious in a Way

Zen & The Art of The Velomobile


Visual storyteller Vesa Lehtimäki talks photography, filmmaking, Lego, and Star Wars.

Joonas Lappalainen

A day at the races with rising Finnish champion Joonas Lappalainen.

Deep Down Inside

Johanna Nordblad, Finnish free-diving champion.

Epic North

Meet the talented guys who create epic trailer music for Hollywood movies.

Lassi Kouvo

Jazz pianist Lassi Kouvo lets the feelings prevail.

For the Love of Rams

Grímur Hákonarson, Icelandic filmmaker, speaks about his film Rams (Hrútar).

Tapio Tuominen

Life without death.

Mimie Moore

A refreshing, multi-talented trio of female voices and informal instruments.

Variety Vintage

Juho Pihlajala, owner of Variety Vintage, talks about living in society on your own terms.

ZEN Robotics

The present and future of robotics with Timo Taalas, CEO of Zen Robotics.

Spoils of War

Valtteri Lindholm, founder of Varusteleka, talks war, military gear, and human folly.

Johanna Ryönänkoski

The fuel that powers painting.

Brave New Virtual

A philosophical talk with Ilja Kivikangas, Virtual Reality developer.

Tiina-Maria Aalto

Always, always have a plan A.

The Great Escape

Finland is gaming start-up paradise. Indie house Tree Men Games talk about their break-through.

EC at War!

Writer, journalist and comics expert Eduardo Serradilla Sanchis discusses the fate of EC Comics.


Is Helsinki ready for high-end fashion? An adventurous and entrepreneurial couple believes so.

Having Amanda

Why is one of Helsinki's most iconic artworks, the Havis Amanda statue, hidden in a box?


If it's summer time, going to the woods, who you gonna call?

Saint Lawrence Church

Finding history, art, and peace at Saint Lawrence church.

The Way of The Tire

A family thing that's been proudly keeping the wheels turning for forty years.

Liike 51

Going to the grocery store is worth the trip again.

Merja Simberg

(NOT) sorry for the mess!

My Lost Uncle

A personal quest that takes a man as far as Tatooine in search of creative freedom and personal development.

Salla Järvinen

A tingling sensation on the skin.

Origin of Heroes

A retrospective exploration of the genesis and evolution of famous heroic characters.

Found in Translation

A Finnish girl's year in Japan.

Tove Jansson at Ateneum

Ateneum celebrates one-hundred years of the national Finnish heroine.

Laser Cut Studio

A young Englishman sets up a studio to deliver high-powered laser jobs.