Born 1990, Joutsa, Finland

Anni Dohlen is a Master of Science and researcher, having studied Cellular and Molecular Biology. Whenever she’s not practicing archery, tribal fusion belly-dance, piano, or body-combat, she draws and paints. Her formal training in art is minimal, from her arts-&-crafts-oriented high school, but she more than makes up for it with patient observation and subtle control over form and texturing. For her, art is also a form of therapy, and a means to unwind from a sometimes too intellectual career.

Anni is proficient in oils and other media, but in this opportunity the Gallery is delighted to introduce her latest interest, executed in pencils: Her 3D Creepy Crawlies series, which spawned as a desire to represent and learn about creatures which people usually avoid or kill out of fear or disgust. Her goal was both to desensitize herself, and to show how amazing such creatures can be—some of them crucially important for the balance of the environment they inhabit.

Anni performs both an encyclopedic study of her subjects, and an exorcism of anxieties induced by a potential encounter with any of these—mostly lethal—animals.