Born in Helsinki, Finland

For too long, life had convinced Apa to stay away from art. Until one day, while watching Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting Apa tried oils on a couple of figurative landscapes, to not much satisfaction. But then, while dozing off, a finished abstract painting appeared in Apa’s head, and would not go away until deposited onto the canvas, this time with acrylics! Some sort of dam broke open after this and the paintings keep on coming!

Apa’s previous hobby of photography and a keen awareness of color and composition act as a bridge between formal theory and an expressive, subconscious intuition. Apa plays like a happy kid with brand new crayons, delighting in negative space, texture and color interplay. Abstract? Pop? Automatic painting? These are energetic works to be enjoyed and felt, not analyzed too much; that’s why the paintings don’t even have names.