Born 1984, Rauma, Finland

Janne studied filmmaking, and nowadays directs shows and commercials on TV. He used to draw and paint a lot as a kid, but forgot about it while growing up. About three years ago he wanted a new tattoo on his arm, and since his daughter’s name is Roosa, he was looking for a still-life done in the classical style, with a rose in it. Searching on the net he zeroed in on the works by an old Dutch master, and based his tattoo design on one of her paintings.

But Janne was hungry for more: the same painting inspired him as the basis for his first still-life! More research revealed the artist to be Rachel Ruysch, the notorious and prolific painter from the Dutch Golden Age. Janne also discovered an amazing fact: both are born on the same day with a difference of 320 years! He finished six works based on her paintings and opened his first exhibition, “Born on June the 3rd”. Each painting is consecutively named a year since 1664, and his plan is to complete 320 of them until reaching the year of his birth, 1984. Outside of filmmaking, Janne doesn’t have artistic training, but he loves this activity that lets him be into his own world. He started off from Ruysch’s paintings and often comes back to her work, but also creates his own flower arrangements. Ruysch’s hyper-arranged compositions possess tremendous energy to start with, but he adds his own concerns and more fuel to the fire.