Cool Companies and the people behind them.

Cecil Hagelstam

How to build a solid reputation


Family-owned Finnish hosting company


That photography shop from the North


The little speaker that could

Pii Poo

Your friendly Lego store in Helsinki


A return to natural walking

La Gelateria

Italian tradition

Haddadin Design

Vintage furniture, an open path

Pelti-Ässät Oy

Roof & Tough


Handwoven Finnish design rugs


The Lightroom revolution


Bags out of recycled seat-belts


What are super-foods, and do we need them?

The Karhu Store

Helping Finns fly since 1916

Domo Restaurant

Freshness and presentation.

ZEN Robotics

The present and future of robotics with Timo Taalas, CEO of Zen Robotics.

Spoils of War

Valtteri Lindholm, founder of Varusteleka, talks war, military gear, and human folly.

Three Cool Cats

How Kolmen Kaverin Jäätelö was born.


An interview that will make you want to go.

The Great Escape

Finland is gaming start-up paradise. Indie house Tree Men Games talk about their break-through.

Kart’ing Club

High-quality kart racing in the heart of Helsinki.


Is Helsinki ready for high-end fashion? An adventurous and entrepreneurial couple believes so.

Nespresso Boutique

Attack of the capsules! The Nespresso boutique is now open in Helsinki.


If it's summer time, going to the woods, who you gonna call?

Laser Cut Studio

A young Englishman sets up a studio to deliver high-powered laser jobs.