Fotonordic Oy really comes from the North! It all started when Janne Rajala, a keen photography enthusiast, began importing spare batteries and other photography-related accessories and selling them from his garage in Oulu. He was doing well, and in 2005 he opened a company called Fotohovi Oy and launched the web-shop to sell the goods online. The business kept on growing, and he secured dealerships with Canon, Nikon, and other major brands. Janne sold Digitarvike in 2020, but he remains a shareholder and still works in the company as a Specialist / Technical Sales Representative.

Janne Kuoppala (yet another Janne, major shareholder along with business partner Mikko Skants) became the new CEO, and in April 2021 the company was renamed to the more internationally-oriented and distinctive Fotonordic Oy.

The Oulu store, where it all began.

Considering that the Finnish market for photographic gear is pretty small, and that it is divided among many, Fotonordic have managed to become one of the major players. How did they do it? Juuso Haarala, Development Manager, thinks it’s because of a couple of reasons: One is the quality of their customer service. They have a lot of expertise in the field, since most of them are amateur or pro photographers and videographers; they really understand and relate to the needs of their customers, whether they’re just discovering the hobby or having worked for years. They’ve been customers themselves.

CEO Janne Kuoppala and the brand-new Helsinki store.

Another key factor is their streamlined delivery system. Whereas most or all the other camera stores first started as basic brick-and-mortar stores, and then had to expand their services into the web, Fotonordic was born online. They know how to deliver quickly and efficiently all around Finland. Moreover, they carry a big inventory (they operate their own warehouse in Oulu and also import some of the gear themselves).

Goods galore at the new store and Juuso Haarala, Development Manager.

And they just recently inaugurated a prominent store smack in the middle of downtown Helsinki! What motivated such a bold, expensive move? Juuso says they wanted to expand awareness of the brand by providing face-to-face service in the south, because many customers are still unaware that the company exists. They think opening a cool store to cater to a big group of potential customers in person is a great idea. Do they fear the Helsinki competition? On the contrary, they think it’s healthy and better for the customers to have options. Juuso also mentions that among their plans for the future is to expand out of Finland. So if you are a photography fan, you can enjoy the advice and competitive prices of this dedicated team, online at or in person at their trendy shop in Mikonkatu 7, Helsinki. This is their Instagram.